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Advertisement in Russian, Ukrainian and Byelorussian newspapers and magazines
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    Marriage advertising of your profile with your photo in the Ukrainian, Russian and Belorussian periodical press: newspapers and magazines, which will be read by more than 15 million women.
    This is really effective and cardinal method to get an maximum result and to save your money considerable. Nowadays this way is very popular among foreign men, which are seeking ukrainian or russian girl. Indeed, at once you get very many of answers from women. And then you choose your future fiancee on one's own.
    And the most main thing is that you no need pay for the address of lady every time. You get it FREE of charge from them! Women write, you choose ! Now to try this our service just click

About Us
    Our agency will be useful for men who are seeking an international marriage, dating with russian ladies, ukrainian women and girls. We have a good advertise service for advertisement in Ukrainian and Russian newspapers. We will make for you a vast advertising program in Ukrainian, Russian, Belorussian and some other newspapers of the former USSR. We will publish many advertisements, which will be including an information about you. These ads will have been read by more than 10 million women in the nearest 1-2 week. Total circulation of papers is about 1 800 000 numbers. Our prices are not high. We work quickly, reliable and resultly. We have the great experience in this advertising business. Also you will find here useful information about Ukrainian and Russian periodical, issue, journals, editions, press, newspapers, magazines.

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Below are some peculiarities of your advertising in Ukraine and Russia:

1. As a rule the maximum size of the textual announcement makes 20-25 words
(except double and professional advertise programs ).
2. We can write in the announcement any your contact information: E-mail, home address, often - phone number.
3. At once you get access to women audience in number up 10 to 15 million person (all population of Ukraine is 49 million person, Russia and Byelorussia is about 150 million).
4. We have an access practically to all (about 200) editions of Ukraine and 60 of Russia. And also we have business relations with 50 from them. Perhaps, we are one of a few agency, who advertises you effectively and not expensive. Let's look at : the price of an advertisement in one edition is just 1 dollars or even less (see below). This is almost a level of typical Ukrainian prices. But the result of 1 such good advertisement program will be 10-25 and perhaps even to 50 letters from women !
5. If you would wish to be published in 60 cities of Russia too, that the price of advertise program will be increase in 2 times. For it use our extended advertise program.

The list of newspapers:

    Here are these newspapers and cities of Ukraine with references, where we can place your advertisement (the circulation of every edition among these is up 15 000 to 120 000 copies. Some of them have a reference in Internet. Total circulation of papers is
1 250 000). And it will be published with guarantee:


- Express objava (Kiev) 60 000 
- Adresa delovoy udachi (Mykolayiv) 5 000 
- Lvivsky ogoloshenya (Lviv) 40 000 
- Volhynia market (Luts'k) 40 000 
- Jovta gazeta (Poltava) 21 000 
- Vse dlya vseh (Krimea) 32 000 
- Iz pervih ruk (Chernigiv) 25 000 
- Ot i dO(Chercassy) 11 000 
- Vsim (Khmel'nyts'kyy) 11 000 
- RIA - Inter (Zhitomir) 11 000 
- Kharkivskiy courier (Kharkiv) 63 000 
- Porto Franko (Odessa) 38 000 
- Ot i dO (Chernivtsy) 12 000 
- 21 canal (Kirovohrad) 44 000 
- Dankor (Sumy) 26 000 
- OGO (Rovno) 25 000 
- Besplatno vsegda (Dnepropetrovsk) 20 000 
- Khersonskaya nedelya (Kherson) 9 000 
- RIA - plus (Ternopil') 17 000 
- Panorama (Donets'k) 12 000 
- RIA (Vinnitsa) 29 000 
- Obyavlenia. Chernigov.
- Sevapostopolskaya gazeta (Sevastopol') 12 000 
- Courier (Lugans'k) 12 000 
- Privatna Gazeta (Kremenchuk) 18 000 
- Grif (Bila Tserkva) 10 000 
- Diloviy Pereyaslav(Per-Khmelnitskiy) 10 000 
- Iz ruk v ruki (Kharkov)
- Iz ruk v ruki (Kherson) 

- Aviso. Kiev-city, 100 000 of the circulation,
Aviso. Zitomir,
Avizo. Odessa,
Aviso. Cherkassi,
Aviso. Rovno,
Aviso. Dnepropetrovsk,

    Here are the cities of Russia and Byelorussia, where we can place your advertisement. The newspaper "Iz ruk v ruki", total circulation is 850 000:

Naberezhnye Chelny
Nizhny Novgorod

Confirmations and proofs:

    As confirmation we can send you scanned images (see below) of your advertising in some news-papers, if you have the originals, or some references to their web-sites, if there are, or some originals of papers to your home post box, if you would like. Also, as we suppose, certainly you will feel the result from our activity in person, as many letter will come to you from women. Also we have earnest request to you to be informing us, from which cities these women's letters will be come to you. We need it in order to repeat your advertisement once more, if it's necessary. Here is an example of scanned your ad:


Here are examples of your advertisement :

Clive Hunter, date of Birth: January 10, 1956,
168 cm, 65 kg , Blonde hair, blue eyes
Software Development Manager.
Never married. No children. Honest, faithful, gentle, financially
secure. Christian. Likes travel, music, theatre, and computers.
Seeks woman under 35, honest, loving, practical, sexy, attractive,
and slim. One child is ok. Only women serious about marriage.
105 Redrose Drive
Monroeville, Pennsylvania USA
E-Mail: chunterr@hotmail.com or m.g.chunter@worldnet.att.net

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